Modern Z Wallet Pro 2.0

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The new and improved Modern Z Wallet Pro 2.0 is finally here.

What's new?

- NEW: Peek feature: Due to the principle of the Z Wallet, you can easily and naturally get a full peek for any mind-reading effects. No need to carry an extra wallet just for a peek.

- NEW: Out to Lunch 2.0: A new convincing way to manipulate your business cards or photos, and bring them to life. Imagine being able to produce objects while the signature is still on. With this new design, you no longer need to carry a stack of cards to perform Out to Lunch. This keeps your wallet much thinner and much more convincing! 

- Magnet locking system on both sides (Removable)

- The wallet can hold poker-size playing cards and can be used with Rainbow by Higar (sold separately)

- Extra hidden compartment on both sides

- Embossed logo marking system, so you can identify which side to open without looking

- Made with high-quality leather



100% from David and 100% from Paul on the Wizard Product Reviews